Falling in Love with Bookbinding

I have truly developed a passion for bookbinding this summer. The idea of creating sketchbooks and art teacher planners, selling them, then having other imaginative¬†individuals use my creations to further their own inventions is so exciting to me. I love the whole process and feel that it’s really fulfilling. Also, since I have been teaching art, I still have yet to find a lesson planner that accommodates my needs as an art teacher. All of the teacher stores I have been in have cute and useful planners for classroom teachers, but not art teachers. So I love that what I am making is original, yet very functional as well.

So far, this is one of my favorite art teacher planners I have made.

20150814_145502 (1)

Out of all of the sketchbooks I have made so far, this one is my favorite. Essentially, it is a mixed media piece and would make a really cool diary/ art journal/ sketchbook.

20150810_182835 (1)

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End of Summer and Start of an Exciting Etsy Shop

Well… It has been awhile! I go back to work on Monday and have been reflecting on how awesome my summer has been:
– My husband and I visited a university that has one of the top 3 best programs for a PhD in art education, which I am applying for for fall 2016!
– We stayed at the beach for a week
– And I started an Etsy shop called Art Teachers Boutique where I create and sell art teacher planners and sketchbooks!

I am going into work early today to get a head start and will post pictures of my classroom soon! Best wishes!

*one of the planners I made that’s for sale in my shop*



VA.3.S.1.4 Choose accurate art vocabulary to describe works of art and art processes (students can identify the difference between realistic vs. abstract)


(one slide from the presentation I created)

3rd grade students learned about the differences between abstract art and realistic art. Students were asked to predict both definitions before I provided the correct definition to them. Following this, students created a double bubble map to compare and contrast the two different art styles. Finally, students created a piece of abstract art, which was later shown at the school wide student art show.

Contemporary Artist Pawel Kuczynski

Pawel Kuczynski is a Polish artist who creates satirical works that reflect modern social, political, and cultural influences. I love his work and anticipate using some of his pieces to inspire my students to create some sort of social/ political art in the upcoming 2015-2016 school year.


Pawel Kuczynski